Geoff’s advocacy and fraud fighting efforts led him to enter law school in mid-life.  There he graduated with multiple honors (cum laude, order of the Curia, Dean's list x4).  Geoff also clerked for the U.S. Department of Justice where his work was recognized as "excellent," "outstanding" and "extraordinary." While with the U.S. Attorney's office, Geoff worked on the $2.8 billion National Century Financial Enterprises fraud case.

Continuing his advocacy and fraud fighting Geoff was hit with the SLAPP suit.  His medicolegal ethics work in the SLAPP suit was corroborated by Ohio's preeminent legal ethics experts.  Geoff currently sit on the ethics committee of an Ohio medical school.

Despite the brutal attacks by false, lawyer-rendered psychiatric diagnoses in the SLAPP suit, Geoff is now a fully licensed lawyer, a member of the Ohio bar in good standing with the Ohio Supreme Court. Geoff was the last lawyer trained by the longest-practicing medical malpractice lawyer in Ohio and he has reviewed about five hundred medical negligence claims. In the first five years he was licensed as a lawyer, Geoff’s medico-legal strategies were crucial in the recovery of about $5,000,000 for his firm's clients (documentation available).  Geoff has maintained his active law license while practicing and teaching as medical school faculty.

Information about current legal activities may be forth coming.  If you are a lawyer or represent a law firm and are interested in consultation or collaborative representation in a complex medical negligence case, please contact attorney Geoff Mitchell via the contact form or by email at